Three organizations working together to enhance activities in downtown Beaverton

Three organizations working together to enhance activities in downtown Beaverton

Successful public art initiatives require vision-building between the public and private sectors. In the shadow of the global pandemic, three Beaverton-serving organizations have been building energy to unveil new public art as part of a county-wide art collection. Early in 2020 the arts and culture nonprofit, Tualatin Valley Creates (TVC), received capital funding from Washington County to commission new works intended to rotate throughout the county over many years. In the process of developing the concept, TVC’s Director, Raziah Roushan collaborated with Beaverton Downtown Association’s (BDA) Director, Kevin Teater and BDA’s Design Committee to refine concept(s) and identify placement of what will become functional art- a Musical Bench.

BDA’s deeply rooted relationships with businesses and property owners paved way for connections to Dan Peccia, both a downtown property owner and the Executive Director for Self-Determination Resources, Inc. (SDRI).

The three organizations recognized that public access was paramount to making this effort a success. SDRI, already home to the 2017 mural by Drew Merritt, is located at the corner of SW 1st and SW Main, just steps from the high school, downtown’s growing restaurant row, public transit lines, and the weekly farmer’s market making it the perfect site for the new installation. Once confirmed, TVC coordinated a site visit with the three directors and Musical Bench artist, Matt Burney.

Matt Burney is an Oregon-based sculptor with a portfolio brimming of themed works produced for private clients; this Musical Bench is his first endeavor into public works commission. Burney is most known for integrating found and upcycled objects into his large-scale sculptures. Burney’s design will feature metal and wood materials as the exterior shell of the large bench. The music-making elements will be contained within and activated by turning an external handle. A complicated series of crank shafts, chimes, mallets and gears will sink together to produce a familiar rhythm for bench-players and -sitters to enjoy.

The new Musical Bench is scheduled to be installed after construction at SW 1st and SW Main concludes. Visit to see progress photos from Burney’s studio and to learn more.

About Tualatin Valley Creates

Tualatin Valley Creates (TVC) is the leading arts service organization for Washington County, Oregon. TVC drives the development of inclusive, resilient, creative communities using arts, culture, heritage, and humanities by increasing visibility for community engagement opportunities and by bridging resources needed to support people working in the local creative industries. Visit to learn more.

About SDRI

Self-Determination Resources, Inc (SDRI) is a non-profit that provides case management services to approximately 640 individuals with developmental disabilities in Washington County. SDRI works with individuals to plan for their future, find appropriate services, secure employment and housing, and work toward living as independently as possible. Customers range in age from 18 to 80. All SDRI services are free to the customers. SDRI strives to be a person-centered organization where the individuals served are the driving force in directing the services provided. Visit to learn more.

About BDA

The Beaverton Downtown Association (BDA) supports the downtown community and advocates for its well-being. This includes providing support for businesses, promoting the community via events and social programs, and raising money for historic preservation and design projects. The partnership with Tualatin Valley Creates is one great way BDA can make this community more beautiful and alive. Visit to learn more.

For questions, please contact Tualatin Valley Creates at 503-567-1713 or