Time for a Celebration: Congratulations to Heidi on over ten years of employment

Time for a Celebration: Congratulations to Heidi on over ten years of employment

Anniversaries are typically a time for celebration – moments that you take the time to remember where you were the year before and how far you’ve come. Work anniversaries aren’t any different, especially for Heidi Schade, who achieved her 11th year in her position as a lobby attendant for a Beaverton coffee shop this past year. For Heidi, a person with intellectual/developmental disabilities, reaching this milestone hasn’t been easy.

The foodservice industry is one that is full of changes. Between frequently changing menus, typical staff turnover, and the store regularly bustling with business, Heidi is one thing that has stayed constant in this ever-changing environment. Dirkse CC Discovery Specialist, Tara McIntosh, saw this atmosphere and knew that with a little bit of patience and time, Heidi’s team could see how much more she had to offer when given a chance to let her abilities shine. Tara worked with Heidi to become more comfortable with asking her team for help if she was struggling and found tasks with the team that Heidi could add to her weekly shift. Originally supported for each of her shifts, Heidi now receives coaching support from Dirkse CC Vocational Support Professional, Bethany George, every other week and works her other shifts independently.

One thing is for certain; it can be difficult to keep a job for an extended period. With many people only staying at a job for an average of five years, over ten years of service for a company shows dedication and a work environment that makes employees want to stay. Heidi’s story is a testament of what can be achieved when a company prioritizes inclusion and works with its employees to see how their abilities can help everyone succeed. Congratulations to Heidi – here’s to many more years of successful employment!

If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development and Amplify! Events at cindy@dirksecc.com or call 503-258-7715.

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