Tips and tricks to surviving the summer without AC

Tips and tricks to surviving the summer without AC



If this summer is anything like last year, you’ll need more than just one bottle of sunscreen.

Summer is often a time of travel, adventure, and projects around the house. It is also a great time to be proactive about sustainability practices – particularly as we directly experience the effects of global warming.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend whose husband is persistent about “thermal management.” They have one of the many Oregon homes that don’t have air conditioning.


Here are a few of the things they do to help manage the heat in their home:

  • Be sure to close all curtains and blinds where the sun would be shining inside.
  • When it’s cooler outside than inside, open all the windows to cool things down.
  • Not bring the cars into the garage when they are still hot.
  • Cook outside instead of running the oven, stove, or toaster.


There are many other little tricks.

Some take more planning than others, like planting shade trees. Others just require a little “thermal management OCD.” As we work toward the summer solstice on June 21 and beyond, these efforts help keep you comfortable, save money, and conserve resources.


There are other ways to help keep cool and conserve resources. Here are some local ideas and partners to help:

  • The splashpad at Beaverton City Park. From kids to grandparents, a great way to cool off with your neighbors. Bring a picnic!
  • Energy Trust of Oregon. They can help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills. Contact them for current incentives and programs.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Need a tool for a garden project? They have it. Need some new pictures or decorations? They have that, too. And a whole lot more for your home. Why buy new when you get great things for a fraction of the cost?
  • Assistance League of Greater Portland Thrift Store. They have a wonderful selection of clothes and housewares. Plus, they have some amazing furniture selections to help change the look in your home.

Wishing you all a lovely month. Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Smile. Be kind to each other. Cheers!


By Rob Routhieaux, Director of Small Business Support & Development. For more information about how your business can be involved or sponsorship opportunities, email us at or call 503-644-0123.