Tips for delighting customers: How to be a great business

Tips for delighting customers: How to be a great business



Working at the Chamber of Commerce has interesting side effects. You become even more aware of how you are treated at different businesses. Great customer service is particularly appreciated, and we love to share it with others. Here are a few notable trademarks of businesses we keep going back to.

Provide Solutions: All businesses have challenges. Great businesses find solutions. Not so good businesses make excuses. The response to challenges determines whether a customer returns with future business.

For example, a staff member recently purchased a lighting project that needed a special part. The business ordered the part, had it shipped, but did not inspect it. It was damaged and unusable. This delay caused an inconvenience for the customer and their contractor. The business gave the customer the phone number of another business that might be able to repair the part.

The business did order a new part, stating that it would not arrive for three weeks due to backlogs from the manufacturer. They stopped there.

The customer ordered the part online from a warehouse in a nearby state. It arrived in less than a week. The business could have provided this solution.

Be Proactive: Good businesses respond quickly to serve their customers. They act even if the customer is not standing in front of them.

Rachel from Minuteman Mortgage exemplified this. With limited time to act, she worked quickly to lock in a great rate in a volatile market. She understood the very short closing time frame and coordinated with a lender she knew was quick to close. When initial paperwork came back with errors, she took immediate action to change agents at the lender.

She acted on behalf of the customer’s best interests at all levels. Her actions and professionalism saved her client thousands of dollars and many headaches.

Respond Graciously:  Customers are far from perfect. They have odd and sometimes unreasonable requests. How the employees respond in these cases is a reflection on the entire business.

Adrian and Mike at Two Men and A Truck understand this. They were hired for a small job that was estimated to take 4-5 hours. They loaded up in just over an hour and drove to the new home. The customer had a monster sofa bed he wanted upstairs. The guys hauled it up the flight of stairs only to discover there was no way to get it into the room. They graciously brought it back downstairs. Their only comment – “Big couches often don’t fit where customers would like them – no problem.”

The entire project was completed in about three hours. The team was engaging, positive, and efficient. Plus, they saved the customer time and money when they had no obligation to do so.

Great Customers Share Stories:  Great businesses need great customers. Great customers share their positive experiences with others – through online reviews, letters to company leaders, and testimonials at public events. We share these stories at our Coffee Connections networking events.


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