Tips for mulching your garden, Practical and aesthetic

Tips for mulching your garden, Practical and aesthetic

With spring time just around the corner many of us are looking forward to getting back into the garden after the winter season. Mulching planting beds and landscaped areas is a great way to control weeds, improve soil fertility and resist soil compaction.

There are countless types of mulch that will help your garden beds including but not limited to, wood chips, straw, leaves, hazelnut shells (an Oregon favorite!) and even pre-bagged mulch from local department stores and garden centers.

After selecting the type of mulch, get an idea of the area you plan to cover and create an estimate of the volume you’ll need. Apply mulch at least three inches thick and make sure not to bury the base of any shrubs or the trunks of any trees. After you’re finished, sweep or blow off any hard surfaces and enjoy the practical and aesthetic values a fresh layer of mulch brings to your garden.

This article is brought to you by the City of Beaverton’s Landscape and Urban Forestry Department.

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