Tips for teens looking to make some money by getting a job

Tips for teens looking to make some money by getting a job

Hello fellow teens

Since I’m getting older and am now being pushed to be more independent, it’s finally time for me to get a job. I’ve recently been applying for jobs at a variety of places, and I have a few tips for teens out there looking to finally start earning some money and work.

Build a resume. Building a good, accurate resume that shows off all of your skills and qualities is one of the most important parts of the job application process. Even if the job you’re applying for doesn’t require a resume, it’s always good to have. Make sure to update your resume regularly as you gain new skills and experience!

Don’t just apply to one place. Applying to multiple places is good for a couple reasons. First of all, if you don’t get one job you wanted, you still have other options. Also, after interviewing with multiple places, you might find that one job fits your needs better than a different job you had previously wanted.

Consider school/activities and develop a schedule that would work for you and a potential employer. Doing this ahead of time is really helpful so then you can discuss this if asked in an interview. Thinking about this before you apply is also a good way to ensure that you have the time and commitment a job requires.

Finally, look at options close to home. You never know when transportation might become unavailable, especially at this age. Also, getting a job that’s close to where you are can save you a lot of gas and time.

If you’re considering applying for jobs, I hope these tips helped!

Kili is a junior at Mountainside High School. She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, and also running track and field.

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