Tired of New Year Resolutions? Try New Year Reflections instead

Tired of New Year Resolutions? Try New Year Reflections instead


As we finish another year and begin a new one, the common tradition of the New Year’s Revolution involves a commitment that most of us aren’t honestly going to stick to for more than a few weeks. Trying to better yourself is definitely a worthy endeavor but starting the new year off by setting unrealistic goals may not be the most motivating.

If you enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions, then by all means, keep it as part of your tradition. But for the rest of us, what if we had a “New Year Reflection” instead. Looking at what we accomplished over the last year, personally, professionally and spiritually.

  • What changes have you made in your life?
  • Any crazy stories?
  • Overcome any obstacles?
  • Created anything?


Instead of talking about our resolutions with family and friends, what if we shared and reflected from the year past. You might be surprised how much you really did accomplish, how you have grown, and how much you have changed. Reflecting and sharing about the year past might just give us the motivation to keep making progress.

If the thought of making New Year’s Resolution makes you groan inside, or reminds you of promising yourself you really will start doing yoga this year, try a New Year’s Reflection instead.


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