To Stretch or Not to Stretch? The benefits of Assisted stretching

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? The benefits of Assisted stretching

“Sitting is the new smoking,” is a phrase coined by the Mayo Clinic that’s been circulating during recent talks about wellness. While this isn’t entirely accurate, sitting for long periods of time can have some devastating effects on your health. Ways to counteract this inactivity include: daily exercise, taking breaks from sitting every 30 minutes, regular appointments with your chiropractic physician, and assisted stretching to counteract the uncomfortable positions we hunch into while sitting.

Assisted stretching combines Post-Isometric Relaxation (PIR) techniques, traction, and joint mobilization which helps recipients decrease pain and tension as well as improve mobility, flexibility, strength and overall performance. Assisted stretching works with your muscles and utilizes your breath to increase your range of motion—as compared to static stretching that involves pushing yourself into a pose and holding it for a set amount of time. Many people don’t realize that assisted stretching is more effective than stretching on your own.

A typical stretch session lasts anywhere from 25-50 min and begins with a posture analysis, comprehensive joint mobility analysis, as well as some assessments to determine the strength of overall muscle groups. Stretching is beneficial for everyone: athletes, active kids, Crossfit enthusiasts, and especially those who sit for long periods of time every day. Reach out to your local provider’s office, or give us a call to get connected to a stretching program in your area.

By Dr. Bryen A. Bell, a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician with over 20 years of professional experience. He practices with his wife and operates True Potential Chiropractic family care facility. For more info, call 503-574-4872 or visit

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