Transitioning after a move, choose to smile

Transitioning after a move, choose to smile



Oftentimes when we move, the focus and stress is put onto the sorting, packing and downsizing, and rightfully so. However, there is also stress in the post move experience.

When we move from one location to another, the kitchen is not laid out exactly the same as our previous home, the floor plan different, making daily living feel like a hen pecking for food as one searches for basic items of life. Finding one’s favorite coffee cup can be as valuable as discovering gold. Remembering to turn left rather than right down a hallway can feel like a Pilates exercise.

It sounds simple although it teaches us that we are highly trained in living our everyday lives with tiny habits and rituals and disturbing those can cause frustration. What is the solution? Being aware and anticipating that the first few weeks will feel off kilter is important. Make sure that the most fundamental daily tasks are communicated to your moving coordinator: so, they can be sure to emulate as much as possible that routine by locating key possessions such as medicines, coffee, coffee cups etc. in very similar locations as they were previously.

In addition, laughing along the way is alleviating and rejuvenating.  Change is inevitable and moving can become necessary, making humor a great remedy. Putting up funny signs such as, “Life Happens Coffee Helps!” or for the toilet, “Men to the Left Because Women are Always Right!”. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Life is lived in the moment and although some are more challenging than others, choosing to smile will always make it a better day!


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