Transitioning can take many forms: How we face change is key… embrace it!

Transitioning can take many forms: How we face change is key… embrace it!

Transition can take many forms; moving, illness, job change, having children, etc. And even though we are all in some form of transition simultaneously, it is rarer to have one source being the catalyst for change for every person on the globe. It truly makes the world smaller.

How we face change is key, whether we embrace it, take it one day at a time or become overwhelmed and feel like we are drowning. Feeling one or all of these during the time and process of transition is absolutely normal. It is one thing when transition happens quickly it is significantly different when it has duration.

I often think of those who survived the Holocaust and the intensity with which their lives were upended. We feel a loss of control and it has been less than three months. Most of them endured that sense for years. Not to mention mental and physical abuse, significant starvation, freezing temperatures without proper shoes or clothing and daily risk of losing their lives. And yet, out of those who managed to survive, there are many that picked themselves up and kept moving one foot in front of the other making something of themselves and their lives. I overflow with awe and admiration.

To that end, I compare the current climate of the COVID 19 pandemic to the Holocaust and it puts things in perspective. Is there inconvenience? Yes. Is there a risk of safety? Yes. Are there financial challenges occurring? Yes. And yet, what I see as the difference is that man caused the horror of the Holocaust by choice versus a virus ignited by accident. We still have difficulties to overcome. We still have solutions to figure out. And in that process, instead of working to survive as individuals the world is working together, to conquer the virus and restore our communities.

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