Travel Beaverton and Beyond: Across Canada by train

By Joyce Bates

A spectacular rail journey through the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, combing exemplary service with stunning scenery. This train travels by daylight from April to October, offering an unforgettable experience in the Majestic Canadian Rockies.

There are four routes to choose from:

First Passage to the West: Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise (available in reverse). This route traces the historic transcontinental rail line that united Canada’s east and west and includes, amongst other highlights, the legendary Spiral Tunnels. This route also highlights The Last Spike, Spiral Tunnels, Stoney Creek Bridge, Fraser and Thompson Canyon, and Kicking Horse Pass.

Journey through the Clouds: Vancouver to Jasper (available in reverse). This rail route is known for scenic valleys, plentiful wildlife including bears, and majestic Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Route highlights include: Fraser and Thompson Canyon, Pyramid Falls, Yellowhead Pass, Mount Robson, and Jasper National Park

Rainforest to Gold Rush: Vancouver to Whistler and on to Jasper (available in reverse). This three-day / two night train journey will travel through extreme landscapes including the largest temperate rainforest in the world and the rugged desertification of the Fraser Canyon. Melt back into your seat and drink in some of the fresh air of the Cariboo Gold Rush Region’s pastoral ranchlands. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking and varied rail scenery found anywhere in the world. Travel past stunning lakes, through the coastal rainforest and the desert-like conditions of the Fraser Canyon into the vast ranchlands of the Cariboo Plateau. Visit the Gold Pan City of Quesnel, journey through the Rocky Mountain Trench, be awestruck by the spectacular Mount Robson and finish off in the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

Coastal Passage: Seattle to the Canadian Rockies (available in reverse). This journey connects Seattle, a popular gateway airport and one of the worlds most desired cruise ports, to the Canadian Rockies. You will experience a luxurious three-day, all daylight journey while you experience the warm Canadian hospitality onboard.

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