Travel Series, Mykonos, Greece: A true hidden gem

Travel Series, Mykonos, Greece: A true hidden gem



Greece is SO amazing, and it seems to be on everyone’s bucket list.

September is a perfect time to visit Mykonos Greece. It was a bit windy, but with a warm sun beating down on you and walking everywhere with just t-shirt and shorts, you didn’t mind the wind at all. Fittingly, the island is called by the more famous name ‘Island of Winds’, and it’s so true!

Mykonos is known for its whitewashed houses, alleyways, and chapels. Along with a cosmopolitan vibe and luxury accommodations, Mykonos is well known for their nightly party scene and beautiful, sandy beaches. Many beaches have internationally acclaimed restaurants and clubs. To really take advantage of the nightlife, its suggested that you hit the beach early in the morning and relax, then explore Mykonos’ nightlife later on. The picturesque old harbor of Mykonos is also a great area to walk around at night as well.

High above the town, sits a row of 16th century windmills. Strolling around the town, the iconic Mykonos windmills cannot be missed. They can be seen from every point of the town and are the first thing seen when coming into the port as they stand on a hill overlooking the area.

I just loved all the stone walkways. It seemed each stone was perfectly placed to enhance your walking adventure, leading you up and down alleyways, you just didn’t know what was around the next corner.

If you’re visiting Athens, Greece, take a detour and don’t miss this lovely island!


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