Travel Series – San Remo, Italy: A true hidden gem


I visited this city in northwest Italy in late November 2022 and what a find!

San Remo, Italy (pronounced San Ray-mo and also spelled Sanremo), was founded in Roman times and is known as the vacation destination in this part of the Italian Riviera. Located on the Mediterranean coast of the western Liguria Region, and within an hour and half car ride, you can cross the French border and visit Nice for a great day trip.

With a comfortable climate that varies little during the year, San Remo has attracted visitors from all over Europe since the 1600’s.  With only a population of sixty thousand, it didn’t feel crowded at all as I walked the old town located on a hillside with steep narrow streets and 13th century houses, the 12th century cathedral of San Siro.

Driving along the coast, you can see handsome Italian villas jutting out from hillsides, along with a hotel or two, with breathtaking gardens, scenic promenades and the first casino built in all of Italy.

San Remo has another ‘first’. They were first in all of Italy, to have palm trees imported and planted along the beach. With my fascination of palm trees, I was fortunate to visit a large palm tree forest with all types of palm trees big and small, on full display.

If you are fortunate to visit San Remo in February, the famous San Remo Music Festival is held every February. A music contest has been held in the city since 1951 and is considered the biggest event in Italian pop culture.

This along with the most important flower market of all Italy, San Remo exports to most of Europe. Walking around the old town, you can see many busy flower markets offering fresh blooms for both homes and businesses.

This is a true hidden gem among the Italian Riviera.


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