Trisha is working 3+ years above grade level. Her advice: do your work on time

Trisha is working 3+ years above grade level. Her advice: do your work on time



Trisha is 17 years old and going into her senior year at Mountainside High School. In June 2022, she officially completed the Kumon math program! This means that Trisha is working 3+ years above her grade level, tackling college level math before her senior year of high school. Having started the program at 9 years old, she has shown admirable endurance and determination throughout her time at Kumon, finishing the entirety of the math program in 8 years.

Outside of Kumon Trisha takes on a variety of different interests and hobbies. She plays piano and takes singing lessons. She also writes for a blog centered around the stories of young, South Asian women. She loves music as well as reading! Trisha is an IB diploma candidate at school with a high school diploma in Hindustani Classical Music.

Some advice that Trisha has for any current Kumon students who are struggling is, “Try to consistently do your work on time, but don’t be afraid to ask for fewer pages or homework packets if you need to prioritize other schoolwork or if you want to slow down to review and understand the topics you’re learning about.”

We are so proud of Trisha for completing the Kumon math program and cannot wait to see where her journey takes her next!


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