True Community is…Friendship, connection & relationship

True Community is…Friendship, connection & relationship

I keep seeing articles saying that people are increasingly lonely in our cities — that though there are people everywhere, genuine connection is lacking. Google “loneliness epidemic” and see the many results on this issue.

Why do I bring this up here? Because the Beaverton Downtown Association (BDA) is about more than just historic preservation, event planning, and business support, though all those things are fun and important. These activities can spur something deeper and even more vital to the health and future of our community: friendship, connection, and relationship.

We plan events like the 2019 Old Town Wine Walk (May 17, 2019: 6pm-9pm) because it’s an opportunity to connect, and to get to know your community on a more personal level. You can have conversations with people who make our best wine and share it with your best friends (or your future best friends) and loved ones. As a bonus, it supports our business environment in downtown.

New business networking and training programs are available for downtown business owners and representatives. These are great opportunities for our downtown community to connect and support one another through the challenges and joys of owning small businesses.

Keep an eye on our website at or Facebook page to stay current with downtown programs and events. If you’d like to volunteer or learn more, contact

Remember that shopping locally is a great way to think globally. And you’ll make new friends in the process.

The Beaverton Downtown Association promotes the historic preservation of Old Town Beaverton and supports activities that add to the vibrancy of the historic downtown core.

For more information, contact Kevin Teater, Executive Director, Beaverton Downtown Association (503) 332-5419