Tualatin Hills Park Foundation: Bridging the Gap, Creating Access for All

Tualatin Hills Park Foundation: Bridging the Gap, Creating Access for All

By THPRD Staff

When it came to sports, 15-year-old Michael Hasler sat on the sidelines. As a person experiencing disability, he never had a chance to race, compete or feel the pride of physical achievement.

It’s an all-too-common scenario.  Michael and his peers experiencing disability often face exclusion from community sports, either intentionally or by default.

This year was different. Michael competed in Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District’s All-Ability Tri4Youth. He, and 152 other athletes who experience disability, swam, biked, ran and felt the empowerment of crossing a finish line.

Tri4Youth is just one of THPRD’s Access for All successes. This commitment to social equity smashes barriers to participation, giving everyone in our diverse community access to programs, facilities and parks. We have committed over $1.6 million to create welcoming environments, targeted programs and direct financial assistance.

Much of this support comes from the philanthropic activities of the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation. The Foundation bridges the funding gap, providing resources the district cannot so we can accelerate projects, create programs and make the impossible possible.

Would you like to support Access for All programming this holiday season?

It’s easy. The Foundation has been named the beneficiary of ISing Choir, Beaverton’s world-class volunteer choir. Attend one of three, free concerts on December 7, 8 and 9 at the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ and make a donation. One hundred percent of proceed will support the programs that help our entire community grow, remain active and thrive.