Tune in to view Cinderella: Celebrating Culture as Good Triumphs Over Evil, September 20th (Sunday) at 2pm

Tune in to view Cinderella: Celebrating Culture as Good Triumphs Over Evil, September 20th (Sunday) at 2pm

What comes to mind when you think of “Cinderella”? If it’s the 1950’s image, made famous by Disney, of the blonde-haired svelte European in a sparkling blue dress who talks to mice and meets her Prince Charming, you are probably in the majority.

But in reality, nearly every culture has its version of “the Cinderella story” – a young girl who rises from “rags to riches” with the aid of a magical spirit. Though the journey and tone may differ in each, ultimately, we feel comforted seeing that good truly does triumph over evil in the end.

Inspired by this idea Beaverton Civic Theatre launched a multi-month project, partially funded by the City of Beaverton’s Welcoming Week, and began researching and creating script adaptations for four versions of “the Cinderella story”, seeking to bring together local cultural partner organizations and members of our community to advise on and assist with the story, casting, translation, and design of each version. Partnerships emerged with Hindi Sangam, Hope Chinese Charter School, the German International School, Portland Community College – Rock Creek Campus, and local community members.

“In a time when there is so much in the world that can divide us, we wanted to explore ideas that bring people together,” says Beaverton Civic Theatre Producing Artistic Director Melissa Riley. “Many times, our communities and cultures are unified under the common themes and morals of these stories and we wanted to highlight that arts and cultural organizations don’t need to work in isolation but can collaborate together and observe each other’s work.”

Though the original intention to rehearse and perform this project live had to be shifted to a filmed version, the production team didn’t miss a step in adjusting to figure out how it could be done safely and still protect the artistic integrity of the piece.

As hoped, audiences can still expect to see four versions of “the Cinderella story” – Cendrillon in English, Aschenputtel in German, Cinduri in Hinidi, and Ye-Xian in Chinese – all interwoven to highlight each culture’s unique history and tradition, while also exploring the thematic bonds that unite them. Each culture’s story will be narrated in its native language with English subtitles.

Tune in to view Cinderella: Celebrating Culture as Good Triumphs Over Evil on Sunday September 20th at 2pm. The event is free to attend, but pre-registration is required to access the Zoom link. Immediately following the Zoom performance, the community is invited to engage in a talkback with the production team and cultural partners as part of the City of Beaverton’s Welcoming Week Celebration, alongside other community pieces.

For more information, visit www.beavertoncivictheatre.org