Turning over a new leaf, it truly makes a difference, do you feel it?

Turning over a new leaf, it truly makes a difference, do you feel it?



The chill in the morning and the warmth of the sun in the afternoon? Do you see it? The change in the flora and fauna? This is my favorite time of year. The changing colors of the leaves are so vibrant, it makes one stop in their tracks.

Our lives also go through seasons, and as we wrap up summer and move into fall, it offers time for reflection.

  • What has this year’s chapter held?
  • What would you like the rest of the year to look like, and 2024 to bring?

I want to inspire you to create what it is that you want to see happen. We often feel like life happens ‘to us’ rather than seeing that life happens ‘for us’. Do we always understand what is occurring and the purpose that it holds? No. However, if we choose to see opportunity, rather than dread, it truly makes a difference.

Take this season of crisp fresh air and vibrant colors and choose to do something for the first time. Try a new food, learn something such as how to draw, visit a location you have never been before, or call someone you have not spoken to in years. Whether we are single or coupled, life offers so much to experience and all it takes is to say ‘yes’. And if you do not know what to do or try, ask anyone what their favorite experience has been and become inspired.


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