TVF&R Deploys New Cardiac Monitor-Defibrillators – The LIFEPAK 15 Cardiac Monitor

TVF&R Deploys New Cardiac Monitor-Defibrillators – The LIFEPAK 15 Cardiac Monitor



On October 5, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue deployed 60 new LIFEPAK 15 cardiac monitors replacing our current fleet of cardiac monitor-defibrillators that were reaching the end of their useful service life. Cardiac monitor-defibrillators are an essential tool used by our firefighter paramedics and single-role paramedics to evaluate, treat, and manage cardiac emergencies in the field.

In 2019, TVF&R’s Emergency Medical Services Division was notified by the manufacturer of the prior cardiac monitor-defibrillator device that their device would no longer be supported after 2021 for maintenance and repair. At that time, these devices had been in-service since 2006.

TVF&R along with 15 other fire and EMS agencies formed a multiagency monitor workgroup to evaluate cardiac monitor-defibrillator replacement options. The EMS and Training divisions of these agencies dedicated countless hours researching replacement options, hosting multiple vendor presentations, and conducting end-user evaluations.

Eventually, the selection committee pared the field down to three manufacturers, allowing crews to interact more closely with each monitor-defibrillator as they would in actual clinical settings while treating patients in the field. Crews provided feedback on nine features including ergonomics, user interface, and overall functionality. The EMS Division staff also assessed the manufacturers for data storage, retrieval and transmission, warranty options, and customer support.

Cardiac monitor-defibrillators are used to evaluate and treat nearly every patient encountered by TVF&R’s firefighter paramedics and single-role paramedics. Along with cardiac monitoring, these tools also have the capability to evaluate advanced 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECGs) that can be transmitted to the emergency department of hospitals, monitor patient’s vital signs, and deliver lifesaving electrical shocks for patients who have suffered cardiac arrest.

TVF&R’s Medical Director Dr. Mohamud Daya states, “The LIFEPAK 15 is a robust and clinically proven monitor-defibrillator that brings several new features and functionality that will help TVF&R’s line personnel provide the best care possible in the field.”


The cardiac monitor-defibrillator replacement was funded from TVF&R’s EMS equipment budget and was included in the FY2021 budget process.