Update: Beaverton Committee on Aging Celebrates a great year

Update: Beaverton Committee on Aging Celebrates a great year



As the new year begins, the Beaverton Committee on Aging (BCOA) is celebrating some of the successful projects it has accomplished in the last year.

In 2023, we created a brochure. This has been a very important step to communicate to the Beaverton community who and what the BCOA is. Our purpose is to discover and examine the issues and concerns of the aging population in the city of Beaverton and offer representation, information, and education regarding these issues. Creating this brochure has also helped the Committee members be more focused on meeting the BCOA goals.

We continued collaborating with Viva Village and Washington County Disability, Aging, and Veterans Services in offering Age Cafes. Age Cafes are open to all ages and are led by trained facilitators where we come together to talk about what aging is all about.  These conversations help us learn how to normalize that we all age and serve to counteract the impacts of ageism.

We have also invited community members to share with us about what and how they offer their services to older adults so that we can be knowledgeable of the resources in our community.

In 2024, we will continue our intention to: reach out to the community to raise awareness of who we are; to continue to educate all of us (committee members as well) in the aging process; and to continue to connect and collaborate with the community and the City Council in how we can work more effectively with each other.


Learn more about the BCOA and view our brochure at www.beavertonlibrary.org/BCOA.