Uplifting Message: Friendship, Springtime of the Soul


It’s what I always think of when the first blossoms of spring come out to greet us.

This winter was a particularly hard season for me personally, with a wedding on the horizon and the revelation of some health challenges, I have longed for sunshine and fresh air.

Often the trials of life sap our energy leaving us feeling stuck in the cold ground, waiting for something to revive us and give us purpose again.

In those challenging times I have found that the springtime of the soul is often the time we spend with kindred spirits.

Friendship is the sunshine and fresh spring rain that can make our souls come alive again, bringing joy and perspective to our hearts.

So, celebrate the springtime with me. Have a party. Host a picnic. Infuse a little hope in those around you – and watch as you come alive a little more too!

Bethany Stroup is the Media & Communications Specialist for Good Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based counseling organization with headquarters here in Beaverton.