Uplifting Message: Giving always comes back

Uplifting Message: Giving always comes back

By Joanne Merrick

A couple of years ago, I went to find a special gift for a special grand child and came home with a wooden, unpainted castle that opened up and had stairs to the upper floor. It even had a garden area on the rooftop. “Good planning Nana”, I thought.

Figuring it out, I needed to find the royals to go with it and enlisted playmobile figures to “Reign in the Kingdom”. First, I painted it to look like a castle and then added carpet and all the details. I knew this would make it a special castle.

After finding great online images of knights for the castle, trees for the rooftop garden, and portraits of royalty to hang on the walls, I printed them onto glossy paper, cut them out and carefully pasted them into place. In the end, it was magic for both the giver and the receiver.

Giving is as simple as:

  • a hug to a loved one,
  • a smile to a stranger,
  • opening a door for a stream of shoppers

Giving always comes back.

It also may not be from the same person you gave to. In fact, even if it’s from a total stranger, rest assured that kindness always finds a way to come back home.

Give of yourself and see what happens!

Bridge Meadows resident Joanne M Merrick is a heartfelt sculptor of word and creation.