Vet visits during COVID-19… Where should I bring my new dog?

Vet visits during COVID-19… Where should I bring my new dog?

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I got a new dog! I want to take her in for a check-up, but the veterinarians I’ve called have had a long wait and some aren’t even taking new patients. What’s going on?

Congrats on your new pet (and don’t forget to license your dog)! You are wise to try to develop a relationship with a veterinarian before there is a problem. Veterinary clinics are still facing multiple COVID-19 related challenges that have led to them having less availability.

To preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders and health care providers, many are catching up after pausing elective procedures such as spay and neuter.

Clinics may be taking fewer appointments each day to allow for safe distance between people and enough time for additional cleaning protocols. Many are now offering curbside or drop-off appointments to allow for distancing. Additionally, many people have adopted new pets during the pandemic.

A clinic may not accept new patients in order to make sure they have enough appointments for current clients. This allows them to continue to offer urgent care for patients in need, maintain vaccination schedules, and offer timely follow-up appointments for current clients even with COVID-19 imposed limits.

We encourage you to be as flexible as possible regarding day, time and location of your appointment. If you are worried that your pet is in pain or that they will miss a vaccination date, explain your concerns to the clinic staff so they can do their best to help. We offer a list of all veterinarians in Washington County on our website.

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