Voted #1 breakfast spot in Beaverton: Tom’s Pancake House restaurant review

Voted #1 breakfast spot in Beaverton: Tom’s Pancake House restaurant review



Tom’s Pancake House has been a familiar sight along Canyon Road for over 50 years and a regular breakfast stop for longtime Beaverton residents. Owner Greg White, who bought the restaurant in 1995, has made it his goal to serve great food, have friendly service and provide consistent results. Greg was kind enough to welcome me into his restaurant and these were the three dishes he presented to me:


Dish 1: Santa Fe Omelet Price: $14.80

First thing’s first, it doesn’t matter what you put into an omelet if it is not properly prepared. Otherwise, it is merely scrambled eggs with toppings. Not an issue here. The eggs are light and fluffy. This omelet is filled with chicken, sweet onion, bell pepper, tomato and topped with melted pepper jack cheese and homemade Santa Fe sauce. This is a mighty dish! The chicken is moist and tender. The veggies are well balanced and the Santa Fe sauce brings it all together. A nice, hearty alternative to traditional omelets.


Dish 2: Chinese Chicken Salad, Price: $13.75

The Chinese Chicken Salad is made with shredded cabbage, Chinese noodles, sesame seeds, slivered almonds, chopped green onions, then mixed with their homemade dressing. The salad delivers a nice, crisp zip. It is both sweet and tangy. The almonds are toasted which provides a buttery nuttiness to the meal. This salad reminded me of having a zestier style of coleslaw. Quite the satisfying meal.


Dish 3: Reuben Sandwich, Price: $13.95

In the past, I have been hesitant to order a Reuben sandwich because I have not been the biggest fan of sauerkraut due to its overpowering, pungent profile. Having said that, I did not want that to distract from this version. Like most Reubens, Tom’s uses lean corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and…fresh sauerkraut? Yes, not that overpowering ‘blech’ from a jar. What a difference! The portion of corned beef is generous. The Swiss is perfectly melted and the sauerkraut is actually light and creamy thanks to the dressing. The bread is grilled but not over-buttered which is important because the sandwich does not leave you feeling full after the first few bites. My hesitancy in ordering Reubens in the future will be no more. Wonderful sandwich!


BONUS DISH: Pancakes, Stack of 3, Price: $7.75

Well, we cannot go into a restaurant with the word ‘Pancake’ in the title and NOT order a stack! No spoiler here: the pancakes taste scrumptious! Fluffy, tender and slightly sweet, these flapjacks deliver the goods.



Overall, Tom’s Pancake House is more than just breakfast. They demonstrate that they can showcase a variety of flavors to their loyal customers, which is why it is no wonder that they were voted the #1 breakfast spot [and more!] in Beaverton.


Tom’s Pancake House is located at 12925 SW Canyon Rd. For more info, call (503) 646-2688 or visit

Greg Mattie is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Program in Culinary Studies and previously wrote the popular “3 Dishes Review“ column for the BRG.