Welcome June and the start of Summer

Welcome June and the start of Summer

Try engaging in mindfulness

The month of June carries with it much anticipation, the welcome return of warmer temperatures, the end-of-the-school-year hustle, the promise of relaxation, more outdoor activities and holiday fun!

Here at GSM, we want to ensure we are using some of this downtime to cultivate focus, presence and intentionality so we can truly step into and enjoy every glorious moment this new season brings.

During the Summer months, it can be easy to slack off from usual routines and feel aimless or go into hyperdrive and get overwhelmed with a never ending to do list. To counteract these cycles, and inject a healthy dose of purpose, focus and a positive mindset into your routine, try engaging in a 15–20-minute mindfulness session at night or in the morning.

During this time, identify goals and list out individual tasks needed to reach those goals. Order these tasks in priority from highest to lowest. Plan to start on highest priority items first to eliminate getting distracted by lower priority items. For items that require additional thought/planning, move these to your next mindfulness session.

When we live in the future, we are paralyzed in the present. Many times, we find our thoughts and actions swayed by the what-ifs in life, giving in to concerns and fears about what may happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or for the chronic future-dweller (see my hand raised here) maybe even worrying about what will happen many years into the future.

Living in the moment and remaining present eases doubt, anxiety, and fear, freeing us to acknowledge and enjoy the people and things around us. Simple, daily practices like meditation, gratitude journaling, breathing & grounding exercises, and/or focusing on the personal senses that are being engaged (smell, sight, sounds, tastes, etc.) in any given moment, ensure we can step into our best future and find more enjoyment in the day to day.

Whatever your plans this month and into Summer, we wish you peace, love, joy and happiness with each passing day!


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