Welcome Spring! Embrace healthy new habits

Welcome Spring! Embrace healthy new habits



As the weather begins to warm, the clouds dissipate, and our waking hours are filled with more daylight, there seems to be a rush of anticipation and excitement in the air, and a desire to embrace healthy new habits. If you’re feeling this stirring as well, here are a few simple ways to fine tune your lifestyle and put a spring in your step this month.


Out with the old

Sorting belongings into categories (trash, sell, give away, store, put away, etc.) is a great way to declutter a home or office. Likewise, we can also take inventory of, replace, or let go of thoughts and behavior patterns that no longer serve us. Overhauling negative people, places and ideas from our lives frees up mental and emotional energy needed to make positive changes, and relieves weight of influences that drain time, energy or self-esteem.


Let the light In

The physical and mental health benefits associated with adequate exposure to sunlight are lengthy, and well-documented (improved immunity, reduced inflammation, better sleep, a decrease in seasonal and other forms of depression, higher energy levels and MORE).

To harness the healing power of sunshine, throw open the shades, schedule a walk with friends, spend time gardening, keep windows clean, or opt for lunch outside!



After a long, cold winter in the Pacific NW, it can seem tempting to remain cocooned in our homes.

However, social support and interaction is vital to long-term health and wellness. Some simple ways to connect or reconnect with family and friends during this emerging season are to host or attend a board game/trivia night, check out group/class offerings at your local community center, learn a new skill/language, or volunteer for a cause you care about.


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