We’ll do this together, and that includes you!

We’ll do this together, and that includes you!

I think there are a lot of times in life when we need a beacon of light to show us the goodness in this world.

Downtown Beaverton is full of those beacons.

Milk+T is giving out free meals to people in need. Lionheart Coffee Company is doing the same, with contributions from Delectable Baked Goods. The owners of Mo Cha Tea House are providing free food to hospital workers. Batter Up was even giving out free waffles, no questions asked.

Behind the scenes, business owners have been helping each other set up social media accounts and online sales platforms. They’ve collaborated to share delivery runs and the associated expenses. They have problem-solved together, laughed together, and yes, sometimes cried together.

“We are in this together,” I keep hearing them say. “And we’ll get through this together,” they continue. Welcome to our downtown Beaverton family.

When you spend your money, I encourage you to do so as much locally as possible. Buy gift cards via the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce website. Get takeout food. Shop online in local stores. Follow your favorite businesses on social media. Leave a positive review.

By doing these things, you’ll become a beacon for downtown in return. When we say, “we’ll do this together,” that includes you.

You are welcome here.


The Beaverton Downtown Association promotes the historic preservation and economic development of Old Town Beaverton. Want to get involved? Check out our website at www.downtownbeaverton.org.