Wellness with a unique approach: Experience the relaxing environment of The Harmonic Egg®

Wellness with a unique approach: Experience the relaxing environment of The Harmonic Egg®



Meet Chieko Claire Suzuki, LMT and Reiki Master. With 12 years of experience in massage therapy, she understands how deeply rooted the mind and body are and how they work together. Having felt limited by only addressing physical issues of clients, she began to explore modalities for integrating the mind and body. Chieko specializes in working with women’s health issues including hormone-related conditions such as PMS, menopause, headaches, and much more.


Harmonize the Body to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Relaxation therapies have been shown to improve overall health, including both the body’s ability to heal and the mind’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety. The Harmonic Egg® is an energy therapy that helps bring about a meditative state and a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. The client experiences 50 minutes of gradually deepening relaxation while being envelopes in the resonant vibration of music and colored lights.


A modern & Unique approach

The Harmonic Egg® is made of wood. The wood is specially chosen based on its vibrational frequency and availability.

The structure is double-paneled specifically for resonance. Musical instruments, such as a guitar or violin, are crafted in such a way to amplify the tones being played. The Egg is designed with resonance in mind, just like a musical instrument or concert hall. These musical frequencies combine with the light, color, and gentle vibration, all to create a relaxing environment for the body to let go and find homeostasis again.

There is no plastic in the Egg construction. The lights are mercury-free LEDS, and the paint is also non-toxic (No VOC). There are very low EMFs within the Egg, and it does not disturb the energy field with bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other wireless transmissions. The Harmonic Egg® holds no toxic materials which could compromise the health of the client.

Every session is unique. The vast combinations of music selections and lighting colors create hundreds of variations, which ensures creative solutions for each individual client, every time.


Our offerings

  • Harmonic Egg
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sound Therapy


Our office is conveniently located in Beaverton at 4900 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 163. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – we’ve got you covered with distant healing sessions. Call me at 503-477-2107 or visit livingwellhouseinoregon.com.