What better time than now? I feel like I’ve been putting a lot off lately

What better time than now? I feel like I’ve been putting a lot off lately

If we were to wait until “a more convenient time” to do those things we have been putting off, would anything really get done? How many of us during this pandemic have been thinking or saying, “Well, if we just wait until things get better, then we can move ahead with our plans.” This rationale is quite logical…at least it was when we thought most things would blow over in a matter of weeks. But here we are months later, still telling ourselves, “…just a few more weeks.” Our pausing on many aspects of life are becoming yet even more obstacles toward our living our best lives in the future.

Those things that we have been putting off for a more convenient time…it’s time to get moving on these plans. Yes, there are quite a few restrictions still in place. Our projects may not get done in the way we originally imagined. But believe me, there will be plenty more to do down the road as well when life does get back to “normal”; let’s not allow our current opportunities to become our future inconveniences any longer!

The reality is that even if we were to push everything to a more convenient time, there will still be more to do on top of what we are already postponing. Yes, this may be an inconvenient time to celebrate a birthday, to gather as family like we would traditionally, or to complete a home project. However, there is also joy in the ability to simply say, “What better time than now,” when confronting our “to do” lists and planning our special events.

Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase loosely translated as “Seize the day!” Perhaps we can learn and grow from this phrase in our own lives today. Seize the day!  Let tomorrow take care of itself. What better time than now?

~ Rev. Jeff Binder

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: www.valleycommunity.org