What I’m Hearing from Voters… and please know that I am listening



Campaigning for Beaverton City Council is hard, much harder than I imagined when I began this journey. It takes time. It takes teamwork. It takes emotional, physical, and financial labor.

But I am in this because I want to connect with each of you, our community members and my neighbors.

As I talk with Beaverton residents on the doorsteps and phone, I am consistently hearing several key topics:

Climate change is real, and we need to take local action.

People care about our houseless population, and we need to make sure we are providing social support services for them.

Our streets feel unsafe for traveling, especially for people who want to walk, bike, or roll.

Beaverton’s diversity is wonderful, and we need to foster a more racially- and culturally-equitable community.

People are really worried about our loss of tree canopy and see opportunities for environmental restoration and preservation as we grow.

I want you to know that I am listening, and I will be advocating for these values throughout my campaign and, if elected, my time on City Council.

In the constant push for progress, there is a prevailing joy that I cling to, and that’s the passion and personability of each person I meet.

So much time goes into this work. When all of it is done, I will remember the fist bumps from toddlers, the excitement in the eyes of people when they meet a candidate on their doorstep, and the gratitude from people who feel heard.

~Kevin Teater


Kevin brings multiple years of experience in economic and community development in Beaverton, in addition to time in Asheville, North Carolina envisioning the future of a downtown city block and regional neighborhoods. To find out more, Visit kevinteater.com