What is a Covid Co-Morbidity? What lifestyle changes should I make?

What is a Covid Co-Morbidity? What lifestyle changes should I make?

The CDC has indicated that 94% of the deaths tied to Covid-19 have an average co-morbidity of 2.6 conditions (source: CDC). What this means is that on average in 94 out of 100 deaths with Covid-19, the person also had more than two additional serious chronic health conditions.

In addition, the CDC states: “Six in ten adults in the US have a chronic disease and four in ten adults have two or more. (source: CDC). Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the main concerns. Trillions of dollars are spent every year treating these conditions.

Research has shown that as many as 80% of heart disease and diabetes cases, and 40% of cancers, could be prevented by changes in lifestyle (source: fightingchronicdisease.org). Hopefully this helps you feel empowered to know that you have control over your health. The key of course is to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Now if you are like most people and hear the word “lifestyle” one of three things happen. You may be one who jumps on board and get all excited to make changes, only to give up after a short time. Or perhaps you are one that gets overwhelmed just at the thought of having to change your routine. Exercise – Diet – New Habits – Oh My!

Hopefully, you are in the third category, the one that knows something has to change but not sure where to start. This is the best place to be! It is at this point where you are ready to begin a life-changing journey into health and wellness. [Yes, there is another category, the one that already is doing what could be done. If that is you, great! Now really solidify your habits by helping someone else who is ready to make a change.]

The question now is: “What lifestyle choices should I make?” With every ‘body’ and person being different, there is no one-size fits all plan here. There are a few basic places one can start.

Nutrition is often where most people begin. Notice it does not say ‘diet.’ No one likes to diet! What works is simple changes in what you eat. Less sugar, more veggies, clean up your proteins – baby steps.

Physical Activity: The next place to look for lifestyle change is in physical activity. Notice it does not say ‘exercise.’ That is a dirty word for some. Getting out and moving by doing something(s) you enjoy in a manner that puts a healthy stress on the body is what works well.

The Big “Why”:  Lastly, and most importantly for now, your big “Why”. Big what? Your Big Why. Like, being around to see your grandchildren. Or being able to volunteer after you retire. What is it that motivates you? WHY do you want to make the changes in the first place? Without a strong reason for change, you end up in one of the first two categories. With a Big Why, you have the power to get through the inevitable struggles along the way.

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