What is your bridge of yum? Better yet, what is “A Bridge Of Yum”???

What is your bridge of yum? Better yet, what is “A Bridge Of Yum”???

A Bridge of Yum is an actual thing! It is customer service, it is a great surprise for your customers, it’s fun, it’s dazzling engagement.


If you add a Bridge Of Yum to your business…it will take constant time, energy, resources and consistency.

Let’s get back to what a Bridge Of Yum is.

Tim Miles is an exceptional marketing expert, based out of the Midwest. He is an author, a speaker and a consultant. Years ago, one of his restaurant clients in Missouri created The Bridge Of Yum!

BRIDGE OF YUM: After every meal, everyone at the table received a HOT, right out of the oven chocolate chip cookie, along with a shot glass of ice-cold milk!

WOW! Is there a better combo??

The cookies and milk are free!! No charge! Just a thank you for choosing us! We appreciate you joining us! Have a treat on us!

Now, for regulars, it’s something to look forward to and always fun (and tasty)!!

For new customers that don’t know about the Bridge Of Yum, imagine their surprise when these HOT cookies and ICE COLD milk arrive. They did not order them…but how fun when they are told they are a gift.

SO, WHAT IS A BRIDGE OF YUM? I have not gotten there yet, have I? Imagine picking up a HOT, right out of the oven chocolate chip cookie and pulling it apart. That HOT, gooey, yummy chocolate will stretch between both halves of the cookie. THAT…IS THE BRIDGE OF YUM!

More than just a treat…more than just a thank you…The Bridge Of Yum is very powerful. No one else does it. Most are not willing to do it. It takes extra effort and energy. The cookies and milk cost $$. But rather than thinking of this as a cost, place it in your marketing budget and call it an investment.

Sure, your service, product and overall engagement have to be spot on. That’s why people do business with you. But all things being equal (generally) in the business world…what are you doing to thank, dazzle and surprise your customers?

What is your Bridge Of Yum?

You do not need to do cookies; it can be something else. Heck, you don’t even have to do a Bridge Of Yum. But to those of you who choose to create and offer some kind of Bridge Of Yum…Good On Ya! Smart decision.

If you want to chat about ideas for a Bridge Of Yum for your business, please give me a call.

  • Make It Easy for People to Do, and Keep Doing Business with You!
  • Look Up…and Surprise Someone!

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