What’s helping me get through all this? Move!

What’s helping me get through all this? Move!

You’re a small business owner. You’re high powered salesman. You’re a branch manager. You’re a district manager. You’re a school teacher. You’re a coach. You’re the president of a medium company. You’re a high school principal. You’re a sales or general manager. You’re the CEO of a large corporation.

How you get through your day…how productive you are…how you enjoy your day….depends on your brain function and a positive attitude.

The quick thinking, creativity, and decisions you make on a daily basis…impact…EVERYTHING: Bottom line. Operations. Your Employees. They impact how you engage others and much more.

Physical activity and movement are the power sources for: Confidence, self-esteem, quick thinking, brain function & growth, positive attitude, and countering the effects of anxiety and depression.

Seems like the years that end in 0’s are both hard on me…and push me to adapt, change, get creative, etc…!

Back in 2010, in the midst of one of the worst economies America has ever experienced, I approached my then business partner (who had controlling interest in a different business before I founded my current company) needing to renegotiate our contract, and how much we paid him each month. When we forged our contract in 2005, it was quite a different economy. Then the world changed in 2007-2009! He would not budge, and we ended up turning the company over to him. It was hard on me! Really hard! But I made it through. Other than my wife’s unwavering support…what got me through was my constant exercise! It battled anxiety, self-doubt, kept depression at bay…and enhanced positive feelings, self-esteem, decision making, creativity, confidence and so much more.

Fast forward to 2020. My current company is 7 years old. We were trucking right along, growing each year…until the pandemic we currently find ourselves in. It’s hit us hard! It’s hit us hard currently…and it has endangered our future operations. We have had to be very nimble and creative…and we have had to be very willing to change. So far so good…but we have a long road ahead of us. It will not beat us! We will come out of this better, stronger and even more creative! But I need help…and movement is my ally!!!

This temporary abnormality has endangered my dream. It is attacking my livelihood. We are fighting back! We will make it! What we will look like at the end of this? We have some ideas, but truthfully, we are not 100% sure. We’ll make it through!!

What’s helping me get through all this? I MOVE EVERY DAY!

Keep it simple: Get up a little early and run or walk. Walk at lunch. Swim. Ride a bike. Join (and actually go) any kind of gym. Play with your family. Work out at home. Walk your dog. Play a sport. Hike. Exercise in the office (yes, it’s a thing, and easy).


Words are the easy part. Intent is not hard. The hard part is execution…and the harder part is consistent execution.

Just remember, movement of any kind facilitates brain growth, mental energy, positive attitude, self-esteem, productivity, creativity and so much more.

An active lifestyle also fosters a healthier and beefed up immune system…helping you fight illness…keeping it at bay.

It’s proven! It’s neuroscience! It works!

Move! Make it happen…again…and again…and again! Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going on a run!

Note: This is a rewrite/revision from the December 2019 Catalyst, but the topic is more important than ever:

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