What’s the difference maker? People come first!

What’s the difference maker? People come first!



This month’s article is one of those dust rag moments.  Just wiping off that annoying little layer of dust to keep things clean and looking great.

Something you likely know. A reminder.

So, how do you stand out against your competition?  What’s your difference maker?

If you are one of those business people who create and/or sell something unique, that others can’t seem to match…you’re lucky!

I run a business that produces after school programs and summer camps. Truthfully, the majority of our games we play are not proprietary. Whether they are well known games, or games we have invented, any of our competition can run them in their programs. BUT, can they run them as well as we can?? Are their people as good as ours? Can their energy & engagement match our energy and engagement?

Do they CARE as much as we do?

Our goal is to make their brief time with us the best part of their day.  In after school programs, they are with us for 90-120 minutes.  In camps, we have the kids for a bit longer.

Sending the kids home wanting more…excited to come back the next day…is a massive priority.  We care!  We care…MORE!

As an employer, I know how challenging the hiring, and maintaining process is when it comes to top notch employees.  It’s harder than ever.

But not only do we hire people who care about kids, and care about our mission…but we train on it…constantly.

Simply: We care more about everything. Because of this, our interest in the kids’ experience with us, plus our energy and engagement must be top notch.

Steve Jobs’ father was a craftsman. He taught Jobs to put care in his work. When building a fence, he told young Jobs to care about crafting the back of the fence as much as the front. Jobs wondered why. After all, hardly anyone would ever see the back of the fence. Jobs’ dad told him: “But YOU will know!”

So, what happened? Jobs designed and created Apple products with massive care and craftsmanship. SO much so, that it created feelings of passion, awe, and loyalty among customers. Jobs and Apple cared about their work and products…and that was repaid with incredible amounts of care and loyalty from their customer base.

Hire people who care. Hire people who care about your customers.  Hire people who care that your customers’ experience with you (no matter how basic) should be the best part of their day!

Remember, you will be the #1 extoller of these habits, actions, and virtues.  The #1 reminder.  The #1 example setter. The #1 cheer leader.  Believe it. Practice it. Train, train and retrain on it!

CARE! People come first!



Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert and a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter, contact 971-732-4745.

“Don’t give up, don’t EVER give up” ~Coach Jim Valvano