When it comes to downsizing, think about timing

When it comes to downsizing, think about timing



It’s about time:

There is a song by the singer Lizzo titled, About Damn Time, Nike says Just Do It and the ancient Roman poet Horace inspired Carpe Diem (seize the day). All of these are so fitting for downsizing. Why?


How long have each of us been holding onto:

  • Birthday cards that were sent to us 40 years ago,
  • Or the clothes that we will fit into one day,
  • Or the taxes and check books that are from the 90’s or later?
  • And these are only the beginning.

We think that if we don’t see it, we don’t need to address it. Hence, items accumulate until we have more of everything. There are many people who can benefit from our excess, which is a great motivating factor to just do it. In addition, shredding old documents protects you from identity theft. This can be done by going to a location such as UPS Stores, who usually charge .99 per pound of documents. If you have a significant amount, Shred NW will come to your home.

With our move management services, which we officially kicked off this year, we consistently see the excess items that are held onto. Pareto’s Principle is true, we use 20% of our possessions 80% of the time. When you find yourself with time on your hands, start going through your drawers, your boxes, your attic, your cupboards and find out what you are not using, not needing that can benefit someone else.


To help you get started, we are hosting a free seminar (see ad below).

  • Downsizing Made Easy
  • Presented by Kimberly Shute, Owner of Mature Moves Real Estate Team.
  • When: February 23, 10-1130am
  • Location: Nordia House (8800 SW Oleson Rd)

You are invited to spend 1.5 hours with us, to learn easy steps to clear your immediate surroundings, and hidden spaces giving you more energy and clarity.


Part-time help wanted:

Moving Assistants: Looking for 5 Fabulous People for Part-Time Positions Serving Seniors. You will assist our lead move manager preparing seniors for their move to a smaller residence. It involves removing items from cupboards, sorting, and packing of items into boxes. At the new location, everything needs to be unpacked, put away in an organized manner similar to how it was arranged in the previous home. Contact Kimberly to learn more about our fun culture and rewarding work! 971-227-1302.


By Kimberly Shute. If you would like to learn more about real estate and move management services, please let me know: 971-227-1302 | www.mmret.com or email Kimberly@mmret.com