When looking for a new car, patience is your friend: Specific colors and trim levels are hard to come by

When looking for a new car, patience is your friend: Specific colors and trim levels are hard to come by

Hello Loyal Beaverton readers.

We want to thank those of you who have emailed and called in asking for information about the automotive Industry.

Over the course of the last few months, we have had a number of clients ask for certain vehicles, in a certain color and with certain equipment. We of course appreciate the opportunity to help each and every one of you seeking a new or pre-owned vehicle.

One of the most important things many people are missing is the way the COVID19 has affected the auto industry. There is a huge shortage of certain types of vehicles including domestic trucks. What the public is missing here is the fact that since COVID19 shut down manufacturing for some time, this not only interrupted the arrival of dealers inventories, but in turn also caused vehicle dealers to rely on used cars to keep their doors open and their employees working. This resulted in used vehicle prices skyrocketing up to new heights, well above retail values.

Now let’s get to the point. During the manufacturing shutdown, new vehicles were still being ordered by consumers. The orders were stacking up and now the manufacturing is focused on fulfilling those sold orders and this is creating a back log. Manufacturers are frantically building the sold orders along with vehicles for inventory. This means that there will be some vehicles available, but not always in the color of paint and/or trim level of our first choice. Patience and flexibility will be your friend when in search of a brand-new car or truck in any make or model.

Then, we introduce the lack of electronic componentry which was also negatively impacted by COVID19. The electronic components used to control all of the electric devices such as windows, locks, navigation and so on are in such short supply, it could be the main factor adding to the slow manufacturing process.

Bottom line, is that patience is your friend when looking for a specific vehicle. We do encourage you to keep your options open as far as color or trim level as this will increase the pool of automobiles available.

If you have comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to me: fergusonautobrokers@gmail.com or visit fergusonautobrokers.com. If anyone would like to save time or money, I would love to help you with the purchase or lease of your next vehicle. Have a car you’d like to sell? I can also help with that too!