When we pray, we acknowledge we are in need, prayer becomes a lifeline

When we pray, we acknowledge we are in need, prayer becomes a lifeline



We’ve all seen industrial safety signs posted to protect us: “do not eat”, “chemical danger”, “maximum capacity.” Significant testing determines the limits for safe, effective operations.

When considering the events of the last few tumultuous years, one might conclude that we are being tested for “maximum limits.” There have been trying times throughout history but it is of no benefit to compare levels of adversity. We live our own lives and carry our own pain. You might feel as though life is heavy today. Too heavy. Where do we go when faced with more than we can carry?

We pray. Prayer becomes a lifeline. We pray not narrowly to get what we want, but to engage the Divine. We don’t have to go anywhere special; we can pray from wherever we are, knowing God is always available, always loving.

Some people grew up in a faith tradition where praying was common. But there is nothing common when speaking with the Divine. If we were to seek common wisdom, we could just turn to a person near us. Prayer reaches beyond the natural into the supernatural.

When we pray, we acknowledge we are in need. In asking for help, in admitting the limitations of our own strength, we are humbled, a posture out of which fruitful things can happen. When we pray, we acknowledge God is powerful and we are willing to surrender to His will in our lives.

If you are willing, we encourage you to say one of these prayers today: Lord, help me see others as you see them…Give me the strength and conviction to do what is right…Show me where I can bring hope and peace to the world…Dear God, thank you for every good gift. Give me eyes to see them and a heart to appreciate them.

We can be tempted to focus on the pain and darkness in our world. Or we can pray to the Light of the World for hope and help. Come, let us pray.

1Chronicles 16:11: Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.


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