When you can stand out… STAND OUT!! Oswego Grill knocked our socks off

When you can stand out… STAND OUT!! Oswego Grill knocked our socks off

Back in November, my lovely wife and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

What is that? Gold? Silver? Well in 2020… we toss out the precious metals and call a 25th Anniversary: A FOOD ANNIVERSARY!

So, being lovers of food, we decided to celebrate with 2 dear friends who also recently had their anniversary. Both couples were quite excited that locally owned Oswego Grill was opening at Cedar Hills Crossing Mall in Beaverton…and we got lucky to get in during their preview evening prior to opening.

The food was awesome! The remodeled restaurant is fantastic! The service was exceptional! They did everything right… UNTIL… The End.

That’s when they took it to another level. Our wait person noticed a gift our friends gave us, and queried us about the celebration. When she found out it was our anniversary, she stopped, put her hands out and exclaimed: “WAIT…don’t go anywhere!” She disappeared.

We imagined she’d likely come back out with a very nice, cute scoop of ice cream as a gift. A very nice gesture.

When she returned about 5-minutes later, she had 4 other people in tow. They presented us with the biggest banana split we’d ever seen (Go big or go home, right??)…and a card, signed by the entire staff!

WOW! We were floored! Get this… we were coming back anyway. We love Oswego Grill, and we are quite excited there is one closer to home now.

BUT, what a wonderful thing to do!

They could have just let us go with a hearty: “Happy Anniversary” and we would have thought that was quite nice. They would have caught our attention, had our server returned with a nice dish of ice cream. Unexpected, nice, cute, thoughtful, etc…

BUT, they knocked our socks off with a HUGE Gift…and a hand signed card. Our server watched, listened, saw an opportunity to do something nice…to do something extra! Way Over The Top Extra! They executed…and did they ever STAND OUT! We felt great…the glow has not subsided…and we have been telling everyone about it…AND THEM!

Empower your staff to watch, listen, notice…and ACT! It does not have to be a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. It can be anything.

DO NOT take Status Quo Road…when you can dazzle people with AMAZING AVENUE!

  • Make it easy for people to do (and keep doing) business with you!
  • Look up… and surprise someone!

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