Why you (yes you) should attend the 2024 State of the City

Why you (yes you) should attend the 2024 State of the City



Have you ever found yourself curious about what’s on the horizon for Beaverton? Wondering what plans are in motion to elevate our already thriving city? If so, I invite you to join us at the 2024 State of the City address, where we’ll unveil the vision and initiatives for our beloved city in the coming year.

Beaverton is a city brimming with potential. Our strong educational institutions, beautiful parks, vibrant public events, and robust businesses are the backbone of our community. Yet, we continually strive for improvement, informed by the valuable feedback from you, our residents. This year, our focus is on enhancing various key areas – Public Safety, Housing, Infrastructure, Arts and Culture, and Economic Prosperity. The State of the City will feature in-depth discussions on our comprehensive strategies to make Beaverton the best it can be.

We are steadfast on our path to becoming a world-class city. If you’re keen to learn about the exciting developments in Beaverton and understand how you can contribute to this transformative journey, the State of the City is an event you won’t want to miss. And I promise, it won’t be your typical city gathering. Far from boring, we’re planning an engaging and memorable evening filled with interactive segments, captivating videos, insightful speeches, and much more.

Mark your calendars for March 4th, from 6 to 8 PM, at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts. This event isn’t just for city officials and business leaders. It’s for everyone – city councilors, business owners, legislators, community members, and especially you. Be a part of the conversation that shapes our future.

To join us at this important event, please RSVP here: https://thereser.org/event/state-of-the-city/. Let’s come together to celebrate our achievements and collaboratively forge a path towards an even brighter future for Beaverton.


Lacey Beaty was elected Mayor of Beaverton in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on the Beaverton City Council.