Will the New Year bring a New You? A simple guide to nutrition

Will the New Year bring a New You? A simple guide to nutrition

Frankly, I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Not because I find goal setting to be bad, for me it is more of a matter of “Why wait?!” But since we are in January and this is the time most people tend to focus on health, let’s join in…

The plan for most people is to wake up on January 1st and magically stop doing all the bad things they’ve been doing for months and start doing all the good things they’ve been avoiding for years. “I resolve to stop eating all sugar, fried food and quit drinking alcohol. I will get up every morning at 5 AM to journal and review my goals and exercise two hours every day.” Unfortunately, this approach typically only lasts about 1 day to 2 weeks. Multiple studies have found that nearly 80% of all New Years resolutions have been dumped before reaching February.

If you want to be successful THIS YEAR, things are going to have to be different – but not necessarily difficult. Yes, you can achieve better health following simple steps. Are you ready?

Normalizing weight

When my patients talk about ‘getting fit’ they usually mean ‘losing weight.’ If this you, nutrition is where you need to begin. As much as 80% of normalizing weight is directly tied to what you put on your fork (or spoon, or chopsticks, or fingers.) Now don’t freak out! This is not going to be a discussion about all the foods you’ll never get to eat again.

Set a target

To begin you need to set a target weight and date – “I will weigh # pounds by X.” Be specific. The greater the weight loss and shorter the time frame, the harder this can be, so be realistic. Don’t just say you want to lose 10 pounds. It is easy to lose 10 pounds…lose one, gain one, lose one, gain one, lose one, gain one…you get the idea.

Identify quick wins

Next, you likely already know one to three things that if you changed immediately you would see results. Start there. It could be that you need to change your afternoon snack from candy bar to an apple. Perhaps you could cut out weekday alcohol and only have a drink or two on the weekend. Maybe you could exchange a sandwich for a salad once, or twice during the week.

Find a friend

Lastly and most importantly, find a friend that can come along and support you on your journey. The people most successful in normalizing their weight have a ‘someone’ that encourages through the tough times. There will be tough times. Having someone who has your back will be priceless!

There have been 1000’s of books written on diets, nutrition, weight loss, and the like. So, this column is barely scratching the surface of information and tools available to you.

JumpStart/ReStart: A Simple Guide to Nutrition” – January 14th

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