With gas prices going up, does it matter if I buy cheaper gas? I recommend using only TOP TIER™ gasoline

With gas prices going up, does it matter if I buy cheaper gas? I recommend using only TOP TIER™ gasoline



Over the last couple of months, we have had readers ask about where to purchase fuel? The reason is some of our Beaverton neighbors have had some unusual and costly repairs, which their repair facility has mentioned were a direct result of poor fuel quality. So, I did some investigation in order better inform myself as well as others.

New tests from AAA have resulted in huge differences in the quality of gasoline from state to state. There are two states that do not regulate their fuel quality and both states do not allow people to pump their own fuel (big surprise). So, as independent tests have revealed, all fuel brands are not the same. In fact, several do not meet with automaker-backed programs.

The research finds that consumers can clog not only their fuel injectors, but can also cause oxygen sensors and catalytic converters to clog as well. This can cause major damage.

For example, the damage that can occur from a clogged catalytic converter is straight forward. If the exhaust is plugged or clogged, the cylinder head gaskets can “blow” since the exhaust gasses have to go somewhere. This type of major repair is all from consumers who are trying to save a buck by buying cheap, poor-quality fuel. Clearly, this causes more damage and is more costly in the long run. In our example, a catalytic converter can cost well over $2,000 to replace and that is a lot of fuel as a comparison. Other expensive parts that can fail from poor fuel quality are: catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors and throttle bodies.

TOP TIER™ detergent gasoline is recognized as a premier fuel performance specification and among brands that were tested were both TOP TIER™ and other non-TOP TIER™ brands.

After only 4,000 miles, the other brands caused 19 times more engine deposits than the top tier brands and the resulting carbon deposits reduced fuel economy, heavily increased emissions and impacted overall vehicle performance and economy.

After all of this, yes TOP TIER™ fuel costs more but it’s well worth it. All fuel stations that sell TOP TIER™ fuel have it clearly posted on their pumps. So, in short, unless there is a sign on the fuel pump stating TOP TIER™ detergent gasoline, I recommend going elsewhere. In the long run, the small savings at the pump is not worth the cost of large repairs bills that could occur down the line.

I hope this information has been helpful!


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