Women with Urinary Incontinence, It’s a Silent Suffering

Women with Urinary Incontinence, It’s a Silent Suffering

Over 20 million American women suffer from some type of bladder leaking. But often, they’re too embarrassed to talk about it.

“This is probably the most common theme in my incontinent patients: they think they are the only one who leaks,” said Dr. Sarah Boyles, a Urogynecologist at The Oregon Clinic. “So many women have this problem but are too embarrassed to talk about it even with their friends, let alone a doctor.”

This common condition is often thought to only impact older women, but even teens can have leakage. Many different factors can lead to urinary incontinence. Pregnancy and childbirth are common contributing factors, but urinary incontinence is also common among elite runners and athletes who do high impact sports. Risk factors including obesity, chronic coughing due to lung disease, nerve damage, and repeated heavy lifting can all contribute to this condition.

Urinary incontinence can be isolating. Some women stop doing activities they love, like traveling or hiking, out of embarrassment or fear they will leak.

Running, playing sports and staying active are great ways to lead a healthy life. With many simple and non-invasive treatment options available, urinary incontinence should not be something that prevents anyone from getting outside or exercising.

Anyone suffering from urinary incontinence should talk to their doctor, and consider seeing a Urogynecologist. A Urogynecologist is a medical specialist who specializes in women’s pelvic floor problems, including urinary incontinence. Urogynecologists complete OB/GYN doctoral training and then further specialized training in female pelvic floor problems.

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