WORK! That’s What’s Next! A lot of it!

WORK! That’s What’s Next! A lot of it!

A lot of work…creativity…listening…learning…and getting FUNKY!

We have a long road ahead of us. From recovery…to growth…to new paths that we never expected to take.

Who would have thought? The last 12 weeks have, frankly, been experiences from some sci-fi flick.

Pandemic, tragedy, quarantines, businesses closed FOR MONTHS!

I’ve been through varying sizes of recessions…the last one being quite epic, and one of the worst in our country’s history. But never in my wildest imagination did any of this even come close to the concept of reality. YOWZA!

To all business owners…managers…and employees…here are some things I can promise you.

HERE’S WHAT’S NEXT: Work! A lot of it!

Hard Work: For the rest of 2020…you have to work harder than you ever have. That’s it! That’s the hand that has been dealt us. For most of us, we don’t get to play with yesterday’s game plan! Average work, and average workers performing average to below average work will be worth less, and less valued than ever before. And, they will have more negative impact on your business than ever before.

Being creative: In what you offer, in your service, how customers can access your business, services you offer, pricing…and more.

Being Nimble! Never used to deliver? Never used to hold these hours? Never used to offer X, Y & Z on line? Be nimble and ready for quick changes, new services and doing things you did not have to do during safer times and better economies.

Be engaging! Proactively and religiously engage and stay in contact with your employees and customers. People are tired, stressed out, worried…and every time they check social media or turn on the news, they are bombarded by stories and articles carrying negative, anxiety-packed messages.

Be a cheer leader! Be Positive! Your people need that and need you! A friend of mine who owns many local food franchises is hyper-focused on making sure the “vibe” in his restaurants are upbeat, interesting, welcoming places for customers to do business.

Speaking of “vibe”, you always had to be focused on this. But, it was easy for many to forget to pay much attention to it because the economy was good, there was no pandemic and business (generally speaking) was flying. Now, however, you have to have an amazing, positive, fun energy surrounding your business. On line, over the phone, and most certainly on site! Be a cheer leader for your people!

Make sure you have a solid dedication to learning, listening and changing! Read, watch, ask, listen. Connect with business peers, share experiences and ideas. Remember, 100% of many ideas you observe, or that are shared with you may not work for you…BUT, 10% of each idea, or 25-50% of an idea could. Be open to slices of ideas, as much as you might be open to complete concepts and options.

Out of fear, safety, convenience and pricing…customers are doing more business on line. If you have a strong on line presence, good for you! Keep it going. If you don’t, you should. But more importantly, due to this heavier reliance on on-line offerings and services…it makes everything you do on site, in your brick and mortar all the more important.

Every customer that picks up the phone and calls you…every customer that walks into your business…is more valuable than ever! Smile…Engage…Welcome Them…Serve Them…Thank Them! Sounds basic right? I know, it does. BUT, people are tired and stressed out…and it’s easy to forget, or even have a bad day and either fail to do this, or even have a bad moment and lash out!

Here’s one last thing that’s next: This is a prime opportunity for you to step up as a leader! Engagement, leadership, and the opportunity to make a difference is here and ready for you! Don’t miss out! Show up!

Will this be easy? Heck No! But it certainly is not impossible! YOU GOT THIS!!!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert and a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.