Working on Brain Health in Aging

Working on Brain Health in Aging



This is a perfect time to consider the different elements of wellness in aging and how they work together.

That includes brain health, and it’s important to work out your brain in the ways you might work out the rest of your body.

There are many ways to incorporate healthy brain habits into your everyday routine, including:

Staying social. Maintaining and building relationships helps the brain stay agile. Conversation is one of the healthiest habits you can have for your brain.

Keeping a consistent and healthy sleep regimen. Keep screens out of the bedroom and try to get 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night.

Eating healthy. Lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are as good for the brain as they are for the body.

On the physical side, even if you already have a fitness routine, it’s important to stay active and move even when not working out.


Here are a few ways to sneak in extra activity:

  • While watching television, use commercial breaks to balance on one leg, march in place or take part in another quick fitness break.
  • When out running errands, park a bit further from the door, and if you’re comfortable, use stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.
  • Taking care of the yard can help your brain as much as your lawn.


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