Working Out Your Brain and Your Body? Join Us for Free Ageless Grace® Classes

Working Out Your Brain and Your Body? Join Us for Free Ageless Grace® Classes



If you’re an older adult who goes for a brisk walk every day along the same route, it’s a great way to get exercise and help you stay fit.

But did you know that if you mixed up your routine a bit, it would help build your cognitive health as well as your physical well-being?

Challenging your brain as well as your body helps older adults build neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself, and an effective way to maintain or strengthen cognitive health as we age.

According to the AARP, “A study published in January (2022) in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia found that older adults who remain active have higher levels of brain proteins that enhance connections between neurons. This in turn improves their memory and boosts cognition. This protective impact was found in everyone, even in people showing signs of dementia.”

From the standpoint of fitness, improving neuroplasticity can come when you get out of your comfort zone and try different things.


Join Us for Free Ageless Grace® Classes

Here at Prestige Senior Living Beaverton Hills, we’re inviting older adults to join us for free Ageless Grace® classes throughout February.

Ageless Grace® is a unique brain-body fitness program with both physical and cognitive benefits. All participants perform Ageless Grace® while seated in order to get the brain to consider new ways of moving the body to help build neuroplasticity.

If you or a loved one is interested in attending our free Ageless Grace® classes, you can see the schedule at, or call us at (503) 520-1350.


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