Working together can help make these dreams come true

Working together can help make these dreams come true



I enjoy our nearly annual local snowfall. It is especially pretty when the clouds clear, the temperature stays low so the snow stays, and the sun shines.

The quiet outside provides a nice setting to reflect and slow down.

As I sit here in the sun at the Chamber on a peaceful MLK day, thoughts of partnerships in serving the community come to mind. This is especially true on this day – a day we honor and celebrate how people and partnerships come together to build community.

Here at the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce, we focus a lot of time and attention on building partnerships.

As a member-driven organization, we value and rely on our Chamber partners as our main purpose. The past two years have been wonderfully successful for us in this regard. Over that time, we have added approximately 200 new community partners / members. This growth is fueled by our partners – their engagement and advocacy continually reinforce and strengthen our efforts.

Our team at the Chamber, and our Chamber partners, are also dedicated to serving a broader mission. We work together in a variety of ways to build community throughout the Beaverton area.

These efforts include:

The Leadership Beaverton program. This annual program runs from Fall through Spring and brings together a diverse range of people and organizations. The group learns about the City and community together. They build new networks and partnerships, and each year choose a community service project.

We will soon be converting our conference room into a multi-language hybrid learning space. In partnership with funding from Washington County, we will be able to provide a broader range of educational programs to our diverse community. We envision many lively collaborations to emerge from this endeavor.

Our Women in Business group brings together women business owners from many industries – all with focus on supporting each other and building community. Their activities range from educational programs to evening excursions to community service projects.

Our IMPACT Beaverton program is a long-standing collaboration between the City of Beaverton’s Economic Development department and the Chamber of Commerce. Through this program, we provide free technical assistance and business support services to any small business in Beaverton.

The new Nonprofit Incubator is a collaboration between the Oregon Startup Center, the City of Beaverton, and the Chamber of Commerce. This new program, which was highlighted in last month’s BRG article, will facilitate and catalyze many new partnerships in building community.

If you would like to learn more about any of these programs or partnerships, please reach out to us. You can contact Rob directly at or 503-350-2003.

Do you have ideas for partnerships that can help build community? We would love to hear them and find ways to work together to make them reality.

We all have dreams for building community and helping each other. Working together, we can help make these dreams come true – and make new friends along the way.

As always, thank you for all you do to make Beaverton a wonderful place to live, work, and play.


By Rob Routhieaux, Director of Small Business Support & Development. For more information about how your business can be involved or sponsorship opportunities, email us at or call 503-644-0123.