Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Beaverton has a long-standing commitment to sustainability—in city operations and throughout our community. The Community Vision includes goals and targets that drive our ongoing process—enhancing livability and a desire to be a national leader in sustainable practices and programs.

Alternative mobility options, tree preservation and highlighting the importance of planting the right tree in the right place, attention to our recycling system, alternative energy sources, and more are all part of our plan for a greener and cleaner Beaverton.

Our community-driven, city-led actions include:

  • The City Council will soon consider Beaverton’s first Climate Action Plan to enhance attention to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • An updated Sustainability Plan for city operations, including goals to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory data to measure our progress—and introducing an online tool to enable residents in the community to track their household progress
  • Affirmed our commitment to using renewable energy for city operations— and planning an outreach campaign this fall for residents and businesses to sign up for “green power”
  • Continuing transition to LED streetlights to reduce our energy use
  • Partnering with a Community Action of Washington County to pilot a new low-income home weatherization grant program
  • Improving our community recycling program by focusing on reducing contamination—things that should not go in our recycling bins
  • Promoting reusable shopping bags and city, county and state possibilities for a single-use plastic bag ban

These actions—and more—are a partnership and commitment between our leaders, our residents, our businesses, our school system, our parks, and all who live, work or play in Beaverton.

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