Zombie Apocalypse: Are we living in the middle of one?!?

Zombie Apocalypse: Are we living in the middle of one?!?

Mindless creatures…stumbling around, unaware of the beauty of life around them.

I see it in public, I see it at restaurants, the movies and even the gym!

  • PUBLIC: Just go to the mall, or downtown. Anywhere there is a crowd. People walking, staring down at a phone. Unaware of their surroundings.
  • RESTAURANTS: Couples and families at the dinner table…on social media or playing games…not engaging each other.
  • MOVIES: An audience of blue glowing faces. Prior to the moving beginning…a perfect time to chat, laugh, etc… but people choose to stare at their phones instead.
  • GYM: Yep, here too. I see it all the time. A prime opportunity to just sweat, improve, and absorb one’s physical surroundings. But in between sets or stations, people have to check their texts, peak at what might be happening in social media, etc…

It’s incredible! Incredibly sad! When I see people doing this (and yes, I do it too) … I call it: “Being Alone in Public”!

It’s a choice. You are choosing a screen over who you are with, and thus, you are silently sending them the message that your screen is more important (at that moment) than they are.

WARNING: Being present in the moment

This is very powerful. It’s the way things used to be. When someone important to you is with you…be with them!

Especially if you are a business owner or manager. Especially if you are interacting with customers.

If any of your people (employees, coworkers, customers) need you:

Wherever you are, be all there.

When you are needed…when someone requires your time: Put your screen down…turn off your electronics… and be there.

I don’t have to tell you why…do I?

Make It Easy for People to Do, and Keep Doing Business with You!

Look Up…and Surprise Someone!

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